More than 80 people came out to Cadence on New Year’s Eve 2015 to celebrate the ending of one year and the beginning of another.

(See below for a list of winners and photos of the event.)

Cadence hosted the last 5K of 2015 and the first 5K of 2016 with 75 people participating in each run and the 1 mile walk while others enjoyed the festive atmosphere. Attendees were treated to cocoa, coffee and hot soup while watching the Strip fireworks from the Cadence Central Park.

All routes wound through Cadence’s well-lit, picturesque grounds and featured panoramic views of the world-famous Las Vegas Strip. The running events culminated at the community’s expansive Central Park, where spirits were high as runners enjoyed the Strip fireworks show, a warm cup of soup, hot cider and cocoa as well as New Year’s tunes and party favors.

Cadence Double Dash

Winners List (click to enlarge)

The fastest time in the last 5K of 2015 belongs Rene Avalos, who crossed the finish line in 14 minutes and 59 seconds. Ana Gomes was the fastest woman with a time of 24 minutes and 50 seconds. The first 5K of 2016 slowed slightly, with Bryce Murry hustling across the finish line in 19 minutes and 29 seconds and Koryn Gontarek taking home first place for the women in 25 minutes and 29 seconds.

Official Results and Times

Cadence Double Dash 2015.12.31.2015

2016 Cadence Double Dash Result List.1.1.2016



2016 5K start.pic 4

2016 5K start.pic 3 2016 5K start2016 5K start.pic 2





Father and son. 12.31.2015

Dedicated runners stay warm.12.31.2015 Couple Group of runners.12.31.2015 Cadence DD Start truss.12.31.2015 child with medal children with medals group of runners. pic 2Couple with dog.12.31.2015bib 73 medal Bib 70 Bib 66. 12.31.2015 Bib 62 Bib 61 Bib 41 Bib 42 Bib 46 Bib 49Cadence DD party favors. 12.31.2015Bib 59 and 21. 12.31.2015 bib 59. 2016 5k Bib 60 bib 61 and 70. 2016 k5 Bib 31 Bib 29 couple with dog bib 29.2016 5k Bib 28 Bib 27 Bib 25 Bib 23 and 24 Bib 23 and 24. pic 2 Bib 11 Bib 12 Bib 15 bib 16 and 2. 2016 k5 Bib 16 Bib 17 Bib 18. 2016 5k Bib 21 Bib 8 Bib 6 Bib 3 Bib 1 winner with medal watching fireworks watching fireworks. pic 2 runners with medals.pic 2 Runners staying warm Runners staying warm.pic2 Runners starting.12.31.20152016 5K start runners with medals. 2016 5k. pic 3runners with medals. 2016 5k. pic 4 runners with medals. 2016 5k runners with medals. 2016 k5. pic 2 runners with medals. pic 3 runners with medals runners staying warm. pic 3Runners on their mark.12.31.2015


Runners lining up.12.31.2015
Medals Group shot.12.31.2015 2016 5K start.pic 4 2016 5K start.pic 3 2016 5K start.pic 2