Cadence is set to offer another prime educational option for local students, announcing the forthcoming Pinecrest Academy Cadence Campus. Pinecrest Academy is a public choice, tuition-free charter school with three campuses in Henderson for the 2015-16 school year.

The Pinecrest Academy Cadence Campus will open in August 2016 with Kindergarten through 9th grade classes, expanding to add an additional grade each year until 2019.

Phase I of the academy’s roll-out will include an elementary school building, with a capacity for approximately 750 total students. Simultaneously, the elementary school’s multipurpose room, with a basketball court and stage, as well as a synthetic turf play area will be completed. Phase I will also include the first phase of the campus’ middle and high school complex, including an administration facility for the middle and high schools.

When all phases of construction are complete, the collective campus will boast more than 150,000 square feet of learning and activity space.

“Our community is growing before our eyes – we want to make sure Cadence’s parents have significant options to help their children grow as well,” said Mark Paris, CEO of Cadence developer The LandWell Company. “Pinecrest Academy has made a positive impact on so many families across our valley and we look forward to them reaching many more here at Cadence.”

Pinecrest Academy joins Lake Mead Christian Academy (LMCA) as examples of the growth of education options in Henderson as well as the Cadence community. LMCA recently announced the expansion of its Henderson middle and high schools to 14 acres of Cadence land, which are also slated to open in August 2016.