We’ve found that many people who visit a Cadence home builder are surprised by all the options they have to help make home ownership possible. Despite some challenges in the marketplace, Cadence is still the best home value in Southern Nevada and we’ve pulled out all the stops to make finding and buying your new home as easy as possible. Come and visit with our builders and see if any of the following options may be available for you:

No Cost Upgrades

For a limited time, select builders are making it easier to add your personal touch to a home and make it your own in every way. With options for flooring, counters, fixtures and other options, builders may cover the costs to upgrade to the style and comfort you are looking for.

Buy Down Interest Rate

We already know how important interest rates are when we are buying or refinancing a property. Even a 0.5% difference in interest rate can make a difference in your monthly installments.

Buydown is a technique that allows you to get a low mortgage interest by paying some extra expense at closing. This extra money is also referred to as discount points, prepaid interest points, or mortgage points. Its one-time fees are paid upfront to enjoy the lower interest rate for the entire loan duration.

Help with Closing Costs

Closing costs refer to a variety of fees and payments that are associated with processing and finalizing your home loan. Fees include things like recording fees, the appraisal, mortgage insurance, property taxes, and title insurance.

Both the down payment and closing costs are due at your home loan closing and can be some of the biggest hurdles homebuyers face. Fortunately – for a limited time – our builders can help buyers with these fees and make it easier to move in to your new home.

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